The Power of Reflection

I have tried many ways to use reflection to impact on my students learning but I think recording it, is far more productive than writing.  As a teacher, I learn alot about where my students are at, with their learning. It also helps the students  with critical thinking. In my class I am exploring how we can do this quickly and effectively. Our lack of bandwidth restricts this greatly but I have learnt alot about being very patient!

I wrote this in week 1 Feb 4 but I am a reluctant contributor of my own ponderings. I have, however, decided  to bite the bullet and take the risk by opening myself up. I hope you enjoy my ponder. I know I do. It adds to my growth as an educator.

Edward De bono’s 6 Thinking Hats are proving to be useful tool for reflection. It is really strange, but I started using the hats in my second year of teaching in 2004 but I had so much to learn and with no great role model for thinking skills the hats and I got lost.

My students are learning to use their own Kidblog and an Easispeak recorder which will eventually, hopefully, become their platform for reflection. Watch this space!

I would like to finish this post, my first personal post :-}, as to why to reflect. I believe it is a powerful way to critically peruse our learning and realise its relevants or lack of. It allows us to embed our learning, enabling it to become a more intrinsic part of us. The power of reflection.