I am ‘Hooked on Thinking’

I was very, very lucky to have the opportunity to attend a professional development day with Pam Hook and Julie Mills Hooked on Thinking  and the ‘BIG EVENT’.

Pam and Julie use Solo taxonomy (Biggs and Collis 1982) to develop students thinking about their Learning outcomes. It is a great reflective tool.

In my class this week I introduced Solo using Pam’s illustration of skateboarding (hope you don’t mind Pam). The students could really relate to the progression of knowing nothing about skateboarding to knowing a bit and then taking it beyond just knowing, to doing and then extreme skateboarding.

Two of my students knew about SOLO, they were very excited to make the connection. Their understanding was a great addition to the lesson because their peers listened to them with interest.

During a maths lesson, I had a group creating a maths video to explain the concept of multiplication to their peers. Their video was about liking multiplication with pictures of what they had been doing and how much they enjoyed it but no connection to the actual success criteria we had created for the WALT. I used SOLO to reflect on their video and to take them beyond ‘I like it’ to repeated addition, grouping and solving problems. One of the students appeared to have an ‘aha’ moment, “I get it now!” I will post their result here when they have completed it, that was a powerful moment.

Thanks Julie and Pam for helping me bring another great tool into my classroom that I can use in all areas of the curriculum. You illustrated this really well in your presentation.

I will continue adding my ponderings of my ‘Hooked on Thinking’ journey.

Podcast at the Gym



I am a reluctant gym bunny and while I am there I listen to podcasts, it helps me to stay at my gym program). Listening to The Virtual Staffroom has become a way to get through the torture. Recently I listened to one on ‘Student Voice’  

 It was fascinating to listen to the connections these two teachers, Linda Yollis and Kathleen Morris, had made with each other and they live in different countries. This resonated with me because I am building up collaborative relationships with teachers from the UK @misterjim and Australia @lois. It is a refreshing experience to include another country in my classroom. I love telling the students that we are crashing down our classroom walls to take us into the great ocean of our world. Our audience just keeps getting bigger!  

Design is Everything, another podcast that kept me on the dreaded cross trainer. This is about learning spaces, this teacher wanted her classroom to have a ‘home type feel’. Learning spaces is also an area I am wanting to change, rearrange, try and retry, make mistakes, learn and develop a learning space that helps my students learn in a ‘happy and safe’ way.   




This podcast wasn’t really one that took me by the title ‘Scientific Curiosity’. What drew me in was that one of the participants was @timolimo another tweep of mine. This one helped me to reflect on my practice of assessing my students learning when I use the inquiry process.

I hope I can inspire you into listening to the amazing free resource of educational podcasts that are out there. The Virtual Staffroom is just one of many that I listen to. Podcasts have become an effective way to keep me at the gym as well as challenge and enhance my thinking about my teaching practice.

Ka kite ano