Hooked on Maths

Here are the maths videos I promised related to my ‘Hooked on Thinking’ post.

This is the first video the students created on their understanding of the concept of multipliction. We used Solo Taxonomy to reflect on the learning illustrated in the video. A decision was soon made,  ‘I like’ , doesn’t explain the concept of multiplication, enjoy!


After a reflection and going back to their storyboards, this is the result….

It is long but definitely worth watching to the end.


 I have learnt a lot about their understanding of the concept through this video, success!

Once the concept seemed to be understood, to varying degrees, the students were sent away to write problems and video another student answering their problem. Once again I was pleasantly surprised by their efforts.

I love my job!

Meltdown Over!

I should have posted this before ‘Hooked on Thinking ‘ but I wasn’t ready.

My post which is below, I wrote soon after EducampWelly in May. I pushed my ponder aside and forgot about it. Tonight I have read it again and thought I should post it. I don’t know why but it is my ponder and interesting for me to read.

I feel like I have come back after a meltdown. I know what caused it so I am now able to focus my energy in better areas.


This term I had great ambitions of blogging weekly for myself, class and photography. None of it has happened. I have been plodding along with my students and have become very connected with their maths learning and their inquiry but everything else has flapped about my head. I realised this when I went to EducampWelly with some great tweeps. I sat in the smack down wondering what the hell can I give this lot, I felt empty. So I decided just to go to discussions that interested me. I seemed to be more interested in getting something to eat than share.

Near the end of the day I tried to Face time Pete from my iPad2 (awesome) but that didn’t work so outcome the trusty cell phone (no Smartphone yet!) I told him it was a waste of time. It was disappointing to hear me say that because I had travelled down with @barbs1 and @teachernz and had a fabulous time. We stayed with @dragonsinger57 on Friday night then we all headed into Educamp together. After Educampwelly we checked into where we were staying with @allanahk and @fionagrant joining us for the afternoon, then dinner. How, could I say it was a waste of time! We had great conversations, shared and laughed a lot. Joe gave Michael and I a tour of Wellington nightlife after a lovely curry. We were so full we wanted to walk some of it off. That was fun and the photographic opportunities a plenty.

After reflecting again with Pete I realised that I gained a lot from the weekend; stronger friendships with professionals who I admire, a touch of VLN, Shakespeare on twitter, connecting interested people to Edmodo, The Grid for cyber safety and the very talented Chris Betcher’s, Virtual Staffroom podcasts .


 I am planning a trip to EducampAuck in August. I am really looking forward to contributing this time and enjoying every moment. I wish I could attend EducampDunners, maybe if Grabaseat makes a good offer 🙂

When I read back over this I realise that EducampAuck will be a fabulous experience for me because of my experience at EducampWelly. I will be prepared and will give more to the discussions I attend or maybe I will run a discussion. Now there is any idea, what will I do………………?