Hooked on Maths

Here are the maths videos I promised related to my ‘Hooked on Thinking’ post.

This is the first video the students created on their understanding of the concept of multipliction. We used Solo Taxonomy to reflect on the learning illustrated in the video. A decision was soon made,  ‘I like’ , doesn’t explain the concept of multiplication, enjoy!


After a reflection and going back to their storyboards, this is the result….

It is long but definitely worth watching to the end.


 I have learnt a lot about their understanding of the concept through this video, success!

Once the concept seemed to be understood, to varying degrees, the students were sent away to write problems and video another student answering their problem. Once again I was pleasantly surprised by their efforts.

I love my job!


2 thoughts on “Hooked on Maths

  1. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Love the use of the hard surfaces outside rather than maths always being inside.

  2. Thanks Paul, I encourage them to do their learning anywhere they feel comfortable and within sensible boundaries of other classrooms. I have never had any problems with it.

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