Cause and Effect

After going to my professional blog to add a link to my presentation for TeachmeetNZ at uLearn 2013, I noticed I hadn’t posted since January. Over the year I have kept all my professional learning notes in Evernote and haven’t taken the time to collate and post to my blog  so here I am with my latest endeavours based on my professional development. I will also post my presentation here after I have presented.

Since I was introduced to the ease of creating books on the iPad using Book Creator by Innes Kennard  I have spent some time thinking about how to blend this into the learning in Term 4. I have also been running Techie Brekkies ,on creating books using the iPad, so the staff can also see the ease at which our students could become book authors. I like the idea of our students publishing their stories in another inspiring format.

The terms theme is science based with the rich concept of cause and effect. We are going to explore this learning in the context of  Ohaaki Wetlands, which is just across the road from our school. On our journey we hope to find out more about the importance of this environment and what DOC have been doing over there and why. The idea is that the students will gather information, photographs and evidence of cause and effect within this environment so that they can write a book to inform others of their findings. Some students may choose to write their book on the Whio which is a duck close to our heart as we have been involved with the Tongariro National Trout centre and their focus on protecting the Whio and the environment they need to survive.

The Big Question

‘Can I help others understand the importance of the Ohaaki Wetlands?’


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