Inspiring Action

As the Deputy Principal and ICT lead teacher in my school, I am very interested in how I can inspire action from my peers. I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s model of the Golden Circle when I attended an Emerging Leaders Ignition Unconference.

During our Techie Brekkies I used this model to start a Teachers Inquiry into how an iPad mini can impact on student learning.

The ‘Why’ part of the Golden Circle was the most important part of our discussions and the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ came naturally after that discussion.

10 October 2013

Just found this post in draft!

The Golden Circle model has worked well with inspiring collaborative action on blending our learning focus with the iPad mini. An example of this is in my post Cause and Effect.

While reflecting on the learning using the iPad in our class, with one student, we discovered that the learning was improved greatly when the student was working collaboratively with another student, in most circumstances.

Our next step will be to talk about ‘Why’ we would like more devices to use with our students.


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