What To Do! What To Do!

I remember having this dilemma approximately 14 years ago……….. A clairvoyant once told me that change happens every 7 years. Admittedly it was one of those phone call mediums. To this day I cant believe I phoned it but I was desperately mind searching for something and I didn’t know what. So what happened 7 years ago? Mmmmm now that was a time i would like to forget. I was teaching in a year 3 classroom as an LTR at the time.

Sometimes change is forced upon us and sometimes we have to soul search. Just like I am doing now. What to do? What to do? 14 years ago I wrote some goals and a deadline. I gave myself one year to make a decision about what I wanted to do. Twelve months later I was accepted into a class of 50 EDO students studying distance and online to become teachers. Here I am 13 years later a Deputy Principal in a wonderful school I love very much. Yet I want change?

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