The Best Pick

Part 2

In I walked carrying my bag of shoes to teach the students how to find ‘good fit’ books. Again I got this method from the ‘Daily 5. It is a great illustration of how books that don’t interest you, don’t have a purpose or are simply too big or too small can interfere with your enjoyment of a book. After a good discussion and models of how to choose a ‘good fit’ book using the iPick method, the students went with their teacher to the library armed with a method to choose a good book that interests them and they can read.

The next day I went in to find out how they got on, some of the students were very excited with their finds in the library it was truly delightful to listen to their stories. Then we looked at the visual we had created on the best way to read a book and some students got the opportunity to model the best way and what it doesn’t look like. Most prefer to model ‘what it doesn’t look like’ with lots of laughter.

As I sat quietly watching the students read their ‘good fit’ books I was pleasantly surprised at the change in behavior with some of the students. All of the students were engaged in their books, the standard of books had increased from mostly picture books to chapter books and novels. One student I noticed struggled to sustain her stamina with the book she choose, I quietly pointed this out to her teacher and she quietly told me it was the book she had chosen. We gathered together to talk about our books and assess our ability to manage our stamina. I am fairly certain the student who struggled will need more support.

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