Connections that Speak from the Heart

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I continue to be intrigued about this.

Seesaw is offering a platform for our students to really share their own voice. The voice we so often hear as teachers, in a face to face situation, is what the students think we want to hear. Now I am hearing students really talk openly about what they are wondering, what they are learning and what they think about their learning. If the learning is visible and your students use of Seesaw is for sharing learning then you are going to hear student voice that will get you excited. I also know it gets their parents excited and when we see comments from our parents that is huge for motivation.

My students and I reflect on our learning at the end of each day. As we listen to the learning being shared, we critique each post to make sure that it is about learning. That has been a learning curve for all my students. The students don’t hesitate to delete an item that they know isn’t about learning. If I am absent from the class, the students are still posting and sharing their learning via Seesaw with their teacher. It is very rewarding to know that the students curiosity and motivation to continue with their learning is still there when I am not.

Here are year 2 students talking about their maths learning with making patterns:

Here are year 2 students telling their audience about their wonderings on the story they were discussing in reading. We have since read the story and discussed the outcomes of our wonderings. There was a lot of anticipation for finding out what happens.

This was interesting to me because the students and I had been planning together what we were going to do with all our learning on being in a Positive Learning Community. In this post the student talks about what we were planning to do and also talked about the sentence type she was focusing on.

Planning with students is very new to me so I am interested in talking to others who are doing this. Please leave a comment or message me to share you thoughts, ideas and resources that inspires you and how you plan with your students.



School in the Cloud

First school in the Cloud

Professional bum kick, this TED Talk was a year ago, note to self watch TED regularly so I am up to date!

My notes on this MAGIC TED talk by Sugata Mitra:

Learning as the product of educational self organisation. It’s not about making learning happen it’s about letting it happen.

SOLE  = Broadband + Collaboration + Encouragement

We need a curriculum of big questions.

Design a future for learning by tapping into students wonderment.

Self Organised Learning Environment – SOLE

Interesting to note on the word Encouragement, Sugata mentions, that when students are threatened the part of their brain that supports their learning shuts down. He says that students are threatened by the test. I think this should include worksheets and teachers who want little soldiers marching and always sitting quietly. That makes me shudder!